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Dr Boonchai’s past clients have provided the following testimonials, comments and reviews regarding his professional work and their experiences.

The coordinator staff has been very reactive and helpful for everything. Dr Boonchai helps me to be aware of every aspect of the surgery and overcome my fear. He gave me trust and good advise. I am very excited to see him again to check everything is ok with the healing process. I will recommend him to my family and friends.
My experience from the moment I contacted you until leaving Bangkok has been seamless. I will ONLY have Dr Boonchai perform future plastic surgery and the care has been outstanding. My breast lift and implants are perfect, my healing has been amazing. I have had many surgeries in Australia and none with such care and professionalism as I have had with Dr Boonchai.This was my journey and having the support of Dr Boonchai and his wonderful staff from Kat, his personal assistant Bird and my favourite nurse NeNe - everyone! My dream came true, and now I’m going to come back for a tummy tuck - I’m only 14days out and organising my next surgery with this supreme surgeon. Thank you all, but especially Dr Boonchai for your supreme work and your kind way in dealing with me.
I am very happy and satisfied with the operation. Thank you very much, Dr Boonchai! You are very kind. Thanks to you that I find my beauty, you know your work and well experienced.
I had a few health issues and a relocation prior to surgery and had to reschedule a couple of times. Kat was very responsive and accommodating. Bird was very good as well, both during the hospital stay and afterwards at arranging cars, communicating what to do post-surgery and also answering all questions very quickly over Line, often speaking directly with the doctor. They were both extremely efficient and caring, and I appreciated their role in the process from start to finish. Dr Boonchai has a very clear and direct way of explaining things. I found his system to be methodical, but thorough – and he is clearly very knowledgeable. I felt his advice was based on what was possible and appropriate for me, combined with the pictures that I had shown him with my desired result. He takes time to answer all questions, but the most important thing is his responses are clear. I appreciated this hugely, as I did feel nervous going into surgery, but his manner made me feel very much at ease that he was in complete control, and that I was in good hands. I didn’t think the result could be this good! Even after only 4 weeks, my scars are starting to heal and my breasts are dropping into their final position. They look fantastic! I was particularly worried about having breasts that sat too far apart – this is what happened naturally after I finished breastfeeding, and so many images I had seen online of other implant results seemed to have this issue (from other doctors of course). My new breasts are perfectly symmetrical and touch in the middle, without a bra. This is exactly what I wanted, and I could not be happier. I think that part of a surgeon’s skill can often be assessed in how you actually feel after surgery – I had no bruising, minimal swelling and my pain levels decreased enough to require no painkillers by day 3 post-op. I expected my recovery to take a lot longer than this, and my biggest challenge was not overdoing it, because I felt so normal! Absolutely will recommend Dr Boonchai. His skill level, the level of care in hospital and the facilities themselves were better than most medical experiences I have had back home in Australia in private hospitals. I also want to make special mention of the anesthetist, who really took time to understand the complications I had encountered in the past, each time I have required a general. I woke up event free from this operation – this is very unusual and I really appreciated that he stayed well past his shift finishing to ensure that I was ok. What I like the most is the professionalism of everyone involved – Dr Boonchai is obviously a very skilled and accomplished surgeon, but he has trained his team well and they match his level of service with their attention to being on time, the strong communication between client and the coordination staff – but also the doctor and his staff. It feels like they have a direct line to him, and every question gets answered directly. I never felt confused or worried in any part of this process. Honestly nothing to improve. I really do feel that I managed to find the best team possible for my surgery.  
I am extremely satisfied with Dr Boonchai's Coordinator. She is helpful. I could not fault. Dr Boonchai has a great bedside manner and very thorough. I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery! Never had any problems. Very impressed with the level of service.
I am impressed with the flexibility of the staff and efficiency when my child was supervised and accommodated. All the best for your clinic!!! Thank you for my surgery!!  Overall I very happy with results.
Before taking the plane tomorrow evening, I will wish to say thank you so much for the amazing job you have done . I’m only 12 days post op. of surgery and I’m really happy for the natural results for my breasts. You have changed my life ! you had put me at ease and confident with your clear explanations on a breat augmentation, yours decisions and helped me relax before, during and after surgery. Thank you also for your team which is competent (nurses and assistante Bird) – Excellent organization. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s never, ever say no to a road trip.
Excellent and professional. Very happy. Great advice before and after. Very happy with my results so far. No problems. Professional doctor and nurses. Keeping the patient well informed before and after. Communication via email before procedure excellent. I love the results of my surgery thank you.
Dr Boonchai and his staff were amazing. Everything was so well organised. Dr Boonchai makes sure you are well informed of everything prior to surgery. He tells you his professional opinion and makes sure you make the final decision on what you want out of the surgery, the look and the size you are after. Dr Boonchai makes you feel so comfortable and makes you feel at ease with his knowledge and experience. Dr Boonchai's assistant Bird was also so helpful with the organisation of all the travel to and from the hospital and airport and hotel. I highly recommend Dr Boonchai to others
I'm about to hit 6 months post surgery and I love my new boobs more and more everyday. Please forward my thanks onto Dr Boonchai. The man is a goddess with a scalpel. He managed to listen to my nerves and my excitement and provide me with the exact chest I asked for. I know this isn't always possible for people and my expectations were very realistic but I'm so happy with my outcome.
Enquiries were answered within days with responses from Dr Boonchai or from Kat if answer known. Dr Boonchai was very professional, answered all questions, did not push for any surgery if doubt was presen. Results coming up to three weeks are more than I could of imagined. One thing that impressed me is that you were treated with respect, given exceptional service from arriving in Bangkok, pre-operational, throughout time in hospital, follow up appointments to departure. All transport was comfortable, exceptional on arrival and departure
I got a breastlift with implants. I love my results its very natural no one would guess they're implants. Also, the recovery was a breeze felt like I woke up from sleep I was out next day shopping and doing all tourist activities. The staff was excellent English and Arabic translator was provided and services exceeded my expectations. Also, Dr Boonchai took his time explaining to me about all different types of implants and all possible risks. I am so glad I did this and would recommend Dr Boonchai to anyone looking for breast surgery.
THANKYOU DR BOONCHAI Can't believe it's been three months already since my surgery can't thank Dr boonchai enough. Results are getting even better throughout my healing . Can't wait to see 1 year post op ????
I can't thank Dr Boonchai enough or put into words how pleased I am with my results. Communication was fabulous, surgery was amazing and my results are superb! Would highly recommend!
Had an amazing experience! Was made to feel very comfortable by all the beautiful staff involved in the whole experience, everything explained in great detail and a lot of help with the sizing/placement/insertion of everything! Soo happy with my outcome and couldn't reccomemed dr boonchai enough! My boobs have changed my life THANKYOU! I'll add that I had a car accident and had to go see a plastic surgeon in Aus to just get them checked over after the impact and he commented that 'they were a notebook example of how they should be with symmetrical, size to body, and scarring/lack of.
Followed my heart and instinct and it lead me to Dr Boonchai. This honest, loving, compationate and caring handsome surgeon looked after me as if I was family. He treated me with utmost dignity and respect, he guided me, educated me and created the new me. He is the modern day Van Gogh with a scalpel creating some of the most beautiful and amazingly precise work. I will carry him, Bird and all of the Phyathai nurses close to my heart for taking such great care of me.
Organising everything through Dr Boonchai's surgery itself reduced cost but also guaranteed I was talking directly to professionals, as opposed to sales people. The staff, particularly Kat, were so helpful I actually thought it was a scam. The whole system was too good to be true. When I arrived in Bangkok, I thought it may have been unorganised, but the surgery is just so organised that you don't have to worry about anything yourself. There's so little for you to do, it relieves any nerves and doesn't let you feel overwhelmed travelling overseas for surgery. Dr Boonchai was absolutely amazing. I would 100% recommend him to other patients and even friends and family. He is blunt and to the point and makes everything so simple that you can't possibly go in with questions. No matter how much research you do, unless your speaking with a surgeon, you'll always have questions. Especially with an overseas surgery. But when I arrived he was helpful and made my decision on size and shape very quick. I am only 3 weeks post op so I do have a lot more healing and shaping to come, but from what I can see right now, they're exactly what I hoped for and dreamed of. Dr Boonchai really listened and did what he could for my preferred shape and the shape of my body before surgery. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff and to see the final result. One thing, among many things, that impressed me was Dr Boonchai's honesty. He gave a truthful and medical opinion when deciding sizes and shapes for my body. Not everyone is the same and not every result is possible. It meant I went into surgery with a realistic idea and expectation and they were entirely fulfilled. There were no real disappointments. Nothing that made me reconsider what I did or where I went. I would 100% recommend him to family and friends.
I would just like to thank you so much for the amazing job you have done. I had breast augmentation done 350cc in October 2016, I am now 7 months post op! I love your work so much I have recommended you to friends who have already came and seen you ?
Kat and Bird were amazing between them I felt completely at home. Dr Boonchai explained everything very clearly and offered me options that my Australian surgeons said was not possible. He was gentle and kind and I had good communication and confidence in his work.I’m a 40yr old mum of 3. My Breast Augmentation was smooth and incident free I absolutely love my new breasts they are everything I wanted and more. The results are wonderful my cleavage is perfect I’m so very happy with them I’m recommending you too everyone who wants to know. Some people are dubious about overseas surgery the surgeons here are targeting the risks to put people off. I’m making sure that I tell everyone how wonderful it was and the recovery time away from my life allowed me to rest properly. Honestly you guys are doing a great job very professional. All information was processed before I left Australia. Kat answered all my questions I felt confident to travel. The FB Group really helped too, talking to the other ladies is a great source of information and support. I have no main thing everything was great! Nothing went wrong everything was great!
On the 6th August 2016 I had an extended tummy tuck, lower neck lift,lower face lift and a upper eye lid lift . My fiance accompanied me to Thailand for my procedures we could not fault the services proved by Dr Boonchai his staff the ladies at the plastic surgery clinic and Bird. Right from the pick up from the airport to everything in between everything was so professional but warm and friendly at the same time, nothing was a problem for Dr Boonchai or his staff . The hospital is A1 and very modern the staff are lovely and gentle and nothing was problem for them the rooms are spacious and cleaned immaculate I could not fault my stay there.
Dr boonchai is an amazing person who put us at ease from the first meeting in Bangkok answering all our question both from here in Australia when I was first deciding to have my surgery done in Thailand and once in Bangkok the post op care you receive is exemplary his work is absolutely first class . I could not be happier with my results and would recommend Dr Boonchai to anyone having any procedure preformed. I am that over the moon with my results in such a short period of time that I am planning on returning next year for a boob job .. Thank you Dr Boonchai for all you care and support during my time in Bangkok and for turning back the clock and making me look as young as I feel and for giving me the confidence to wear figure hugging clothes I still cant believe I have an hour glass figure.....Thank you from the bottom of my heart you have changed my life
Dr Boonchai was extremely thorough and very professional. He explained the surgery and the expected outcomes clearly and concisely. I was on my feet again within a couple of days and feeling great. The surgical scars have healed beautifully and the results are fantastic. I’m extremely happy with the outcome. I have already recommended Dr Boonchai to friends and family. Everything that was promised eventuated- transport arrangements, appointment times, surgery dates and recovery schedule. Really impressed with the Dr Boonchia’s assistants who took me to his office for each appointment. The whole process was so easy, so well organized and thorough. Being a registered nurse in Australia I was a bit concerned about the level of medical care in Thailand. However my worries were unfounded as the standard of medical care given by Dr Boonchai. Really delighted with my surgical outcome. The service was outstanding.
I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery. One thing that impressed me is the support along the way whist travelling overseas by myself. I would definitely recommend Dr. Boonchai to my family and friends. Thank you very much!
Dr. Boonchai explained everything in depth. The service level was higher than what I have experienced back in Australia. I couldn't have been happier with my experience.
Love Dr. Boonchai! As a surgeon, he has great skills, neat work and explains everything I need to know. He is a great man with a great personality. I am Speechless with my results. I am extremely satisfied. Through forums I recommend as well.
Dr. Boonchai is very nice and easy to talk to. I knew exactly what I wanted. The results are better the I could have imagined.
Dr Boonchai did an amazing job and told me everything I needed to know and worked with what I wanted and what would work for me this has changed my life what an amazing process! I have recommended lots of friends and they were convinced so after seeing results and how happy I am still to this day.
Thank you Dr. Boonchai, very thorough surgeon and very happy with result. I am very impressed. First class service.
Dr. Boonchai was very friendly, explained all the procedures and what would happen afterwards.
Dr Boonchai was very thorough and knew exactly what would be perfect for my figure. Dr Boonchai put my mind at ease and helped relax me before I went into surgery. The result is perfect and the wounds are very neat and clean. I am extremely happy with his work and will recommend him to my family and friends.
Dr Boonchai is absolutely amazing, he covered everything I wanted to ask. He is very professional and I was very pleased when he told me I didn’t need the lift like he thought from my pics I sent. I went with just an augmentation and they are AMAZING. I thank him so much and will highly recommended him to all my friends back in Australia. I was told by more then 6 different surgeons back in Australia that I needed a lift, I sent my pics to Dr Boonchai and he also said I may need one but the outcome could change on the day. When he first saw my breast he said I could defiantly do just a breast augmentation and not have the lift. I was over the moon, my breast look fantastic and natural they are more than I expected and I can’t thank Dr Boonchai enough.
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