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Neck Lift

Surgical Name:

Lower Rhytidectomy

Hospital Admission:

1 night

Duration of Operation:

2 - 4 hours


General Anesthesia

Recommended stay in Bangkok:

7 - 10 days

Who benefits from a neck lift?

  • Clients with loose folds of skin which travel from the jaw down to the neck.
  • Clients with excess fatty deposits under the chin that can produce the appearance of a double chin.

How is neck lift surgery performed?

The neck lift procedure usually involves an incision that extends from in front of the ears to behind the ears and into the hairline to elevate and remove excess skin. A MACS (minimal access craniofacial suspension) neck lift goes beyond just tightening the skin. It extends below the skin to the deeper more fibrous layers. Tightening this deeper with SMAS layer (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) which allows the underlying structures to be lifted as well. n addition, a small incision under the chin allows for removal fat and tightening of the platysma muscle.

Pre-Operative Care

Our team will evaluate your medical history to check for conditions that may delay the surgery or the healing process. Some of the common conditions are:

  • Bleeding tendencies – problems with blood clotting, or lack of clotting.
  • Scarring problems you have had in the past – like keloid scars and hypertrophic scars.
  • Hypertension (High blood pressure) – particularly if it is not under control.
  • Smoking – this may affect your reaction to the anaesthetic and prolong the healing process. Please stop smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery.

Please avoid aspirin and brufen-containing medication for two weeks prior to surgery to eliminate the chance of post op bleeding.

Post-Operative Care

Patients need to understand that the post-operative period following a necklift can be quite a daunting one. It is not so much a question of pain although the bandages can make it feel quite tight. This is partly due to the bandages and partly due to the muscle tightening that is performed at the time of the surgery. Your face and sometimes your ears will feel quite numb for some weeks. This is abnormal consequence of surgery and should recover after a few months. In the interim however you may also experience sensations of tingling, tightness and hypersensitivity in the face and neck as the nerves begin to grow back.

Contact the hospital, if you have the following symptoms:

  1. Fever greater than 100o F or 38.5o C.
  2. Fresh bleeding, other than that of a minor nature.
  3. Excessive and sudden swelling.
  4. Pain not relieved by two pain relieving tablets.
  5. If you have any yellowish or greenish drainage from the incisions or notice a foul odor.
  6. If you develop redness (like a sunburn) on your face.
  7. If one half of your face appears much bigger than the other.
  8. Bandages seeming too tight.
  9. If you have any side effects to medications; such as, rash, nausea, headache, vomiting.
  10. Any injury to the face.

Neck Lift Prices

Prices include all hospital, operating room, anaesthetists’ and doctors’ fees, a single private room, standard meals, medications and medical supplies. Generally patients will only pay an additional amount for telephone calls and additional meals extra to the standard hospital supplied meals.

Title Price  
Neck Lift (GA)
Op. Time: hours, Hospital: 1 nights, Stay: 14 days
THB90,000 Free Quote
Mid/Lower Face & Neck Lift (GA)
Op. Time: 2-3 hours, Hospital: 1 nights, Stay: 14 days
THB180,000 Free Quote
Lower Face & Neck Lift (GA)
Op. Time: 3-4 hours, Hospital: 1 nights, Stay: 14 days
THB140,000 Free Quote

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