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Dr Boonchai is one of Thailand’s leading and most requested plastic surgeons having completed plastic surgery procedures on thousands of overseas clients. Offering a complete range of image enhancing surgery, Dr Boonchai offers his professional services in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr Boonchai’s is committed to patient safety and ensuring clients achieve the best possible outcomes. He offers affordable and reasonably priced surgery options, without compromising on quality.

Often requested for breast augmentation surgery, Dr Boonchai also specialises in other breast surgery, face surgery, abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), liposuction, female genital surgery and gender reassignment surgery.

Considering plastic surgery is a life changing decision. If you are considering an image change, you can be assured that Dr Boonchai is extremely experienced, affordable and can assist you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

If you would to receive a plastic surgery recommendation from Dr Boonchai, please complete the registration form or contact info@dr-boonchai.com.

There are no charges or consultation fees to obtain a professional opinion from Dr Boonchai.

Dr Boonchai has special expertise in:

Plastic Surgery Thailand

Thailand is an internationally renowned provider of plastic surgery.

With an estimated 15,000 clients coming to Thailand each year from Australia alone for plastic surgery procedures, primarily because of the cost savings that are achieved when compared to other countries and the quality of the surgical outcomes.

Bangkok has exceptional hospitals, competitively priced hotel and accommodation offerings, two major international airports for ease of access, excellent shopping and restaurants, and the world renowned and welcoming Thai hospitality that is provided by Thais to international guests. Most plastic surgery clients combine their surgery with a relaxing holiday in the Land of Smiles, and Thailand certainly has the infrastructure, experience and tourist services that nearly 30 million tourists enjoy each year.

Thailand continues to maintain its leading role as the world leader in medical tourism.


Dr Boonchai provides plastic surgery in range of specialist areas, from breast augmentation (breast implants), breast lifts and breast reductions to liposuction and gender reassignment surgery, amongst others.

You can see the complete list of procedures Dr Boonchai offers below, or, you can download specific procedure information sheets.


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Arstic Photos

Our gallery of artistic photos shows real past clients who have had plastic surgery with Dr. Boonchai.


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Patient Testimonials

Dr Boonchai's past clients have provided the following testimonials and comments regarding his professional work and their experiences.


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Hospital Information

One of the best hospitals in Thailand, Kasemrad Hospital is located in the Bang Sue district of Bangkok.

Kasemrad Hospital was founded in 1984 and first started its operation on 15 of July 1997 under the administration of Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited. The hospital takes into account the importance of ethical and occupational integrity, as well as the determination to develop a standard medical service for the people, environment and for the awareness of natural resources.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have follow-up appointments after my surgery?

Patient will have at least 1 follow-up appointment before they leave Bangkok. This is to allow nurses and doctors to remove the staples or stitches, change the wound dressings, monitor healing and provide post-op instructions.


Do I have to remove my polish or acrylic nails before surgery?

Dr Boonchai recommends removal of acrylic or polish nails prior to surgery. The primary reason for this is to measure oxygen levels through your natural nail beds with the use of pulse oximetry.


When can I confirm my final surgical cost?

The final surgical plan and quotation will be confirmed after the face to face consultation. Please note that all prices given are in Thai Baht, are indicative only and can change without notice.


What is included in the surgical package?

Prices include all hospital, operating room, anaesthetists’ and doctors’ fees, a single private room, standard meals, medications and medical supplies. Prices do not include compression garments. Generally patients will only pay an additional amount for telephone calls, and additional meals extra to the standard hospital supplied meals.

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