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Momma Tells it All!

  • September 28, 2016
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I first met Dr Boonchai in November of 2012. I researched and researched like crazy for over a year, then I made the decision to head to Thailand for surgery.


Welcome to the Land of Smiles- Thailand


Pros and cons of different shapes, implant size, placement and profile

And the day came, I had my breast augmentation done J  I tried on sizes at my consultation from 330 cc up to 480 cc. I then decided on 450cc with Dr Boonchai thoughts, with round textured silicone, high profile with dual plane placement.

During my consultation, Dr Boonchai explained everything the pros and cons of different shapes, implant size, placement and profile everything was explained very well to me which made me feel so relaxed and confident. I knew I had chosen the best surgeon for me.


I then returned to Sydney Australia and started to research about having abdominoplasty due to having 5 babies. The last 2 girls were big babies for me- 8lb 5oz and the last one was 9lb 6oz which left me with an apron hanging. People use to ask if I was pregnant again.

I knew I was in good hands with Dr Boonchai and decided to go ahead and book, I booked for November 2015 and this is my second procedure with Dr Boonchai. Again at my consultation he explained everything that needed to be explained I ended having abdominoplasty, with muscle repair and liposuction in 2 areas.

Both times having surgery with Dr Boonchai there was no waiting time from admission to my consultation and having bloods done and chest x -ray, back to my room and having the cannula put in getting prep for surgery and taken in was a total of 3 hours unlike home. I am also travelling back to Bangkok in November 2016 for more surgery (bigger implants). This time will be a different experience as my previous 2 surgeries were done in Phuket so it’s all new to me but the surgeon and his caring staff I have only met Kat and she is lovely.

If anyone asks me who done my surgeries I say to them Dr Boonchai here is how you can contact him if you would like to. No problems what so ever with healing.

Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have had such an amazing surgeon to make me feel great in myself.  Khob Khun Ka Dr Boonchai and staff!

My Before & After Photos


Looking Fabulous


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